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Florence is a staff writer across energy titles and a graduate of MLitt Global Social and Political Thought.

Florence Jones

Pakistan imports first cargo of discounted Russian oil 

The move comes amid an ongoing energy crisis in Pakistan due to shortages of oil and gas.

Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber concedes that fossil fuel phasedown “is inevitable” 

Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber’s role in the climate change conference has been repeatedly criticised due to a potential conflict of interests.

UK Government agrees on windfall tax floor 

The announcement comes as the UK Government seeks to increase the domestic energy supply.

Wood Group expands fossil fuel business despite $600m “green transition loan”

The company reduced its renewables and hydrogen offers after receiving the loan.

Russian oil and gas budget revenue falls by 36% 

Russian ministers have acknowledged a problem with energy revenue.

Shell adverts banned in UK due to “misleading” content

Shell is accused of overemphasising the role that low-carbon fuels play in its energy production.

Japan pledges $107bn in funding for hydrogen developments 

Japan says that hydrogen is central to its decarbonisation strategy but still largely produces hydrogen from fossil fuels.

China commences drilling on 11,100m-deep borehole

Drilling commences amid a governmental push for increased resource exploration within China to ensure the country’s security of supply.

Saudi Arabia announces further output cuts in a bid to secure oil prices 

The Opec+ leader hopes that the move will secure oil prices and stabilise the market.

OPEC+ bans media outlets from Vienna meetings

OPEC+ meetings are typically well-covered by the media, influencing oil prices.