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GlobalData poll indicates a strong optimism towards upcoming upstream projects

On the supply side, the US is expected to ramp up its shale gas production while West African countries are expected to permit new gas projects.

Asia to dominate global ethylene glycol capacity additions by 2027

The region is expected to add a capacity of 0.18 mtpa from the expansion of existing ethylene glycol projects.

Overall positive outlook for upcoming upstream oil and gas projects as per GlobalData

During April-May 2023, GlobalData conducted a poll among industry players to gauge the sentiment on upstream oil and gas projects outlook for 2023 and beyond.

Asia to dominate global ethylene capacity additions by 2027

Asia is expected to add a capacity of 43.72mtpa from 40 new build planned and announced projects.

Oil and gas companies should invest in machine learning tools

The oil and gas industry has experienced two massive disruptions in just three years in the form of Covid-19 and the Ukraine conflict.

Are alternative fuels the key to decarbonising aviation and shipping?

There is a growing interest in energy transition technologies that can be directly dropped into existing aircraft and ships to provide immediate decarbonisation.

Oil and gas contracts lost value momentum in Q1 2023

Europe recorded the majority of the contracts, with 564 contracts in Q1 2023.