Cybersecurity company Anomali has teamed up with Oil and Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ONG-ISAC) to combat cybercrime in the oil and gas sector.

As part of this, ONG-ISAC gathers, evaluates, and shares actionable threat information with its members.

It also provides access to resources that reduce risks and improve the resilience of exploration and production, transportation, refining, and delivery systems.

Under the alliance, the Anomali platform, which leverages cyber intelligence, will be utilised by ONG-ISAC analysts to detect and identify attackers targeting critical infrastructure entities.

It is claimed to offer strategic intelligence on attacker tactics and techniques, as well as high-fidelity signals of attack to detect threats and prioritise response.

ONG- ISAC executive director Angela Haun said: “Critical infrastructure remains a primary target for today’s threat actors, whose activities can cause substantial and costly disruptions. We look forward to partnering with them to protect our members’ networks, control systems, facilities, assets, and people.”

Under the partnership, each ONG-ISAC member will have a dedicated threat intelligence management environment to curate relevant intelligence and investigate cyberattack trends, with Anomali’s support.

Anomali CMO Mark Alba said: “The recent second anniversary of the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack and the current Russia- Ukraine war has put a renewed spotlight on ongoing nation-state cyberattacks against energy critical infrastructure targets.

“Anomali is proud to partner with ONG-ISAC and support its many members in their fight against today’s most persistent adversaries.”